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Service 01


I have planned the layout of systems furniture for commercial projects as large as 100,000 square feet.

The process begins with a survey of the space, noting where existing electrical, lighting, and plumbing land.    A survey of the existing furnishings follows.    Any new furnishings with be incorporated into the scheme.    Proposed schematic plans will be presented.   Precision at this juncture will determine the success of the outcome.

For residential design, space planning capabilities for kitchen design are critical.   General furniture layouts dictate the size and quantities of pieces to inhabit a space.

Service 02


Simply stated, drawings are the best way to communicate your plans with the builder to avoid down time and misunderstandings.  

 Dimensioned floor plans, detailed elevations, electrical and lighting layouts are created in conjunction with the space planning.   Once the owner has approved the overall schematic drawings, this phase of the project kicks in.

A combination of hard lined drawings as well as computer generated pictures complete the story.

Service 03


Furniture  and accessory suggestions are presented to the owner for approval.   Visits to showrooms may be necessary and samples of all finishes will be collected for viewing.   All ordering, follow-up, delivery schedules, etc will be handled by the designer.

For commercial projects where bidding is required, a complete FF & E specification will be generated for the owner's use.

Service 04


We are a full service design firm and will handle all of the client's needs pertaining to Interior Design.   

The Designer assists with the many layers of decision making.   Color selection, budget preparation, project phasing, and code reviews are just a sampling of the responsibilities that comprise the fabric of a project.  

A contract will be thoroughly explained to the owner so that they have a complete understanding of the fees and services provided.

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